Our Student Groups form part of our sports teams and societies, and we have over 100 different groups to join!







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Participating in sports is a great way to make new friends and be part of the Dragon community!


Check out all our sports team to see which ones you want to try before you join! 


We pride ourselves on our wide range of societies, these are groups of students who meet and run activities based on different interests.


We cover a wide range of topics such as religious, cultural, entertainment, academic and lots more!


Will games still happen on Wednesday?

We will be following the guidance of the Government in regards to returning to sport and national governing bodies of the individual sports. British Universities and College Sport (BUCS) which is the league in which we play, will not be resuming until Jan 2021.

Which sports teams can I participate in?

We have a full list of sports teams on our website, which detail their current timetables during these restrictions. We will also have a range of social sport activities online that students can engage with.

What is a taster Event?

We are running a range of taster sessions so that if you see a student group, both Sports and Societies, that you want to join but you are not 100% sure yet, then you can have a taster of some of the sessions to see what it is like and meet some new people. We know after 1 taster session you will be hooked!

How do I join a student group?

To join a student group, you click on the 'Get Involved' section, student groups are split into two sections, Sports and Societies. Click on the area of interest and feel free to scroll through the list of groups you can join. You can click on each groups individual page to read more about what they are about and where they meet. Once you have picked your group, you simply click 'join now'. You will need to sign in using your University email and password. Make sure you click the Terms and Conditions and follow the steps to checkout.

Do I need experience of the sport before I can join?

No! We accept a range of experiences, so whether you are a beginner or think of yourself as a bit of a pro we have a space for you all! Try out our Taster Sessions to see what sports take your fancy.

Can I join more than one student group?

Yes you can join as many as you wish, you will need to check (if they are sports teams) what days they train to avoid clashes, but we encourage students to join all student groups that appeal to them.

What's membership?

We charge membership for certain student groups, this is due to the cost it occurs to run the student group. If they charge for membership then they will state this in their bio on their page.

We have taken a decision based on the latest government guidelines and law regarding gatherings of more than 6 people, that the Union should postpone any face to face events at this point. This includes any Union ran events both onsite and off campus and any society led event. Sporting events that have been approved through our health and safety risk assessment procedure can continue at this point.


Any events that were planned to take place face to face will now happen online. We will continue to offer a wide range of events across our online platforms to allow you to meet fellow students and support you in building a community at Westminster. The Union takes the health and safety of its members seriously and understand that importance of abiding to government guidelines at this point to protect all Westminster Students and the wider community.

If you have any questions please contact us on su-info@westminster.ac.uk


We may not all be together onsite, but that doesn't mean we aren't here for you! please get in touch with us if you have any questions!

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